In/Spectre #11 — Still on Namek

March 21st, 2020


I mean the back seat of the car.


As we proceed through the fourth straight week of sitting in the back seat of a car, I'm just plain out of anything to say about this. Is this what watching Endless Eight was like? Being trapped in a seemingly interminable purgatory of seeing the same episode over and over again, with a few differences here and there, but without ever seeing an end to the torture in sight? The most galling thing is perhaps Saki, once billed as the 'action girl' of the show, the go-getter assertive police woman who doesn't take crap from anybody, has been trapped in a car with a conceited teenager, being forced to listen to her lecture, occasionally pawing at the windows helplessly, staring on in aghast shock. 


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One Lonely Comment

  • AWIVR says:

    I love how this week’s review is just a single paragraph begging the question “why”.