In/Spectre #09 — Teenage Girl Defeats Q-Anon

March 7th, 2020


By trolling them for 15 minutes.


I expect little, and boy, does this show deliver that. I wonder what it is about social media that Japanese writing just doesn't understand. I don't think "culture" covers it, as the Komugi OVAs back in the long long ago, and even Pani Poni Dash in the… almost as long long ago… had a decent grasp. Even that one meme show whose name I've already forgotten was at least birthed from it. This reminded me most of Gachaman Crowds in its poor grasp of the internet, but Persona 5 is a contended too. It's been banging this drum for a while though. The tulpa gets its powers from rumors. So what if we change the rumors. And so the 14 year old girl posts for twenty minutes and bam, like that, everything's different.

Except the show is moving so goddamned slowly that the entire episode was about what she was posting. You have an immortal monster dude having a punchup with a vengeful boob murder ghost, and we're sitting in the car listening to a teenager tell us the specific way she's trolling conspiracy theorists on a message board. That crap doesn't even matter. It is like knowing the precise molecular composition of a cream pie. She may as well have posted that it was a plot by big government due to contrails causing the corona virus and it actually probably would have made more sense for people to pick that up. Except even then that didn't happen this week. This whole episode, the entire goddamned thing, was setup that never led to any results. Not just no conclusion. All cause, zero effect. All foreplay, no money shot. Move. Forward. Dammit.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • gedata says:

    Gatchaman Crowds and Persona 5 don’t have meat puppets with light future manipulation powers upon death so the comparison isn’t quite there. This show is using a literal blend of folklore to make sense of it’s own plot convenience.

  • jgoi says:

    Would be ten times better if they cut this to 5 minutes and focused on the the “Kotoko is horny” moments.