Darwin’s Game #10 — Silly Faces Redux

March 13th, 2020


Oh good, we're back to the end end of episode 7.


What a dumb, pointless little arc this has been. We're quite literally completely back at the end of episode 7 in almost every way. We killed a quasi protagonist off-screen, secondary characters we have no reason to care about are having punchups just off-screen, and it's even the same antagonist, making the same silly faces, still chopping off a dude's hand. All we really accomplished was removing the event stuff, which never made any sense at all, and subbed out one or two of the peanut gallery side characters for other ones, and it only took three episodes, a time skip, and yet another teenage girl demanding to ride the protagonist's dick to get to this exciting repeat of a conclusion.

But will this conclusion actually conclude? Or will it be like last time where it unceremoniously ended on a technicality, followed by fifteen minutes of epilogue? Does it even matter when all the antagonist ever does while on screen is make goofy faces? Eat at WcDenald's.

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