Darwin’s Game #09 — Who’s Jobbing Who

March 6th, 2020


Does this show even have a plot any more?


I legitimately have no idea what the show is doing at this point, although I very much suspect that the answer is "advertising to read the source for any kind of ending." The first half had I guess a training fight against some rando. The second half had… well, kind of the same thing, except against a different rando. Yet they put actual effort into animating both parts. That's the real confusing bit. Why aren't we animating the scenes that actually matter that should be providing the emotional highs and the exciting climaxes to arcs? Why did we skimp the last two weeks on the showdown and finale to the previous arc, but we're putting in the effort to animate all these nobodies? Is it because they're all protagonists? Couldn't we at least have come up with a better power than "make people scared"? We're only on like the 8th power you've had to think up, guys. And she just wants him to do her because… Protagonist Power, I guess. Great.

Even leaving aside all the cuts to the peanut gallery to talk about the fighting that wasn't actually happening because people were firing infinite bullets at a wall or surfing on a limo, there just wasn't any real context to it. These characters could have been antagonists from the previous arc, being recruited here against the Bigger Fish as we move towards some kind of grand finale, but they're just… well, randos. They've shown up here and there in asides in the past, but there's no main plot thread at the moment to attach them to unfolding events. Hell, the only thing that appears to be unfolding is the second week in a row of that one friend guy getting nabbed by the antagonists from the previous arc. But do these new randos even care about that or him? What reason does the Scooby Gang have to pile into their Mystery Machine

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  • Anonymous says:

    No you see, those are not randos, they are top players it shows that Protagonist is extra Protagonisty, they even complement him on his natural talent and are willing to deal as equals or even serve him. It just like muh litrpg books.