Badly Coded MMO #12 — Final Form

March 25th, 2020


Same as the previous 14 forms.


Remember how last episode ended on the gasping shocked reactions of every character that Maple got hurt? No? Well, here it is again, not once in the long recap, but again once the episode actually starts, all leading to her… just getting up, perfectly fine. She then pulls a beam cannon out of her ass, lasers the dude, then transforms and obliterates everybody. Then the episode pretty much montages its way out. "And that's how everything went. The end."

You know, if they were at any point leading to the joke that she had become the de facto raid boss of the game, and was an unfair, BS, essentially cheating villain, they probably could have found a few jokes here and there to make on that, but any even slight thought of satire or parody has completely fled, and all that remains is slavering, drooling, unabashed worship of how great Maple is. It's not even like she figured out some new way to use her abilities or single gimmick in the last big battle… or the last 11 episodes, for that matter. It's undeserved and insincere. No humor is even attempted here, let alone achieved, so I guess the sum total is how much you can wring out of sticking an inoffensive blob of nothing on an unassailable pedestal.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    “oh no we were mildly inconvenienced, truly this might be the end.”

    IMHO atrocity should have been least useful form but she even grabbed the agility character despite her character movements in that form being tied to her own movements.

    Next step was to keep others from progressing in the characters instead of thinking about your own rise.

    I just dont get, who this type of stories are for. Why pick an RPG, a world more structured than the real one and then give asspull powers to the MC, its just more annoying and harder to swallow than isekai.

    Is this to get Japanese girls into mmos, because if this unrealistic outlook is what they go in with they wont last 3 days.

    Is this for neckbeards to obsess over how cute maple is? all cuteness feels artificial so it will likely be less effective than lucky star.

  • Fede5000 says:

    I think that the author wants the public to invent their own jokes and insert them here, because he forgot to put them.