Badly Coded MMO #11 — “I Can’t Believe I Had to Use X”

March 18th, 2020


Drink every time someone says that.


It's nice that they're bothering to animate the fights again. It'd be nicer if there was any real flow to them, rather than people randomly yelling things and then someone going "I can't believe I had to use X." People, I could not even tell you what X was. Nine times out of ten, it appears to be some kind of explosion, probably used to stop a different explosion. Sometimes though, they don't even bother with that. The first half's fight ended with the Ultimate Super Kamikaze attack, and after five or six rounds of back and forth ultimate attacks, it just flat out didn't scratch Maple at all, solely through protagonist power.

Speaking of which, the show has at this point also completely abandoned any pretense that it's a satire or parody in any way, shape, or form, which seems particularly ill advised to me as it tries to milk a health bar dropping a bit as its big cliffhanger going into the ending… after shrugging off the same thing not five minutes prior, and I guess hoping people have forgotten about the Guts skills that every RPG these days has, so much so that even this show revealed it knows about them a few episodes back. But Maple got hurt in a way that wasn't just the HP bar dropping, so I guess we're going to milk that, no matter how little sense it makes, or how little is at stake. Don't use it as a way to let other characters finally come into their own or anything. 

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