Appare-Ranman! #02 — All Origin, No Story

March 30th, 2020


Everyone in this show needs to go easier on the makeup.


This continues its slow crawl through the introduction of characters, but still fails to establish any real story or direction forward. The Chinese girl is the worst of this, simply because her whole schtick happens in the middle in one big dump. Protagonists make a sexist remark, then we get a whole big flashback about how her deal is that she wasnt to be a racer, but girls can't be racers, and then… that's sort of it. One protagonist says "so what," but it's otherwise just about eight random minutes of melodrama dropped in with little to do with the rest of the episode.

And yet, it's obvious she's a favorite of the staff, because her parts are the only part of this episode that are really animated. They're willing to animate a mini-fight scene of her beating up the samurai guy, but the samurai fighting a supposedly pro boxer? All stills. Speaking of the samurai, we get to find out what his gimmick is meant to be too. He has a PTSD attack whenever he tries to draw his sword. This comes 20 minutes into the second episode. It takes the show that long to get to what appears to be a main character's core gimmick. And I only say his core gimmick, because it's his first personality trait that isn't "shouts really loud."


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