Infinite Dendrogram #05 — Robot Horse Pilot

February 6th, 2020


We are definitely the bad guys.


After yesterday's baffling episode, out of either a sense of optimism or nihilistic disregard for my mental health, I poked my head over here, just to unsurprisingly learn that there were no good answers either way I went. If this was a Dragonball episode, the title of it would probably be something like "A new costume!? Playing the gacha!? A robot fights a minotaur!" That works as both a complete summary of the episode and an encapsulation of the whole show. We don't exactly have a tapestry of threads woven together into a story so much as a tangled mass of yarn that is slowly stangling the cat.

Remember a couple weeks back when it tries to tease how there were totally a bunch of boss characters doing important things and fighting people in the far corners of the world, and our heroes might be crossing paths with them? What ever happened to that? Why are we spawning a robot horse, only to throw it right back in the bin, then pulling a giant robot out of our ass, but not even for the protagonist, it's some rando's schtick. Not just a giant robot, but it transforms because he was in crisis. The crisis being that he was struck like… once, by someone his own size after terrorizing all the people without giant robots. What a hero.

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  • kenuran says:

    Well Promare is out now. You wanna have a go at it?

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