In/Spectre #06 — Monologue

February 15th, 2020


Did they not turn in a script for the last two weeks?


This episode began how last week's episode ended. Which is to say with a twelve minute monologue in the exact same place, continuing to explain what a tulpa is. That's right. If not for the episode break, there would have been twenty straight minutes on what is barely interesting enough in all of human history to manage only eight paragraphs on Wikipedia. But sure, let's spend twenty goddamned minutes reading out and explaining one tiny Wikipedia article. And I think that's what really gets me here. There's not a conversation going on through this episode. It's not like a procedural where things proceed, where characters talk, reason through facts, bounce off each other, investigate, uncover new things, interact, or are dynamic in any way. It was just a monologue; a lecture from start to finish. About something the audience was capable of grasping from the start.

The second half was marginally better, but still boring as all snot. It managed to have a whopping three scenes, one of which involved a random dude having his head bashed in. So, yes, better than the continuation of an already excessively long lecture. And yet, also had a long metaphysical pocket dimension bit about grabbing a magical metaphorical tree. Yeah, behold the glorious tapestry that is this show's direction and narrative. Squeeze that tree.

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One Lonely Comment

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    The one character who spared us from the exposition of the obvious and reached the culprit on his own… offscreen no less… while also not being involved in the world’s least engaging love triangle gets offed as a cliffhanger.

    After all the boring rambling I had to go through for what constitutes to something that could have been handled within a third of the time, that was downright insulting. He deserved better and so do I, I just can’t do this to myself anymore.