In/Spectre #05 — Tunnel Deafness

February 8th, 2020


I enjoy that they didn't notice either girl screaming, but a little tap of the cane was enough to gasp in surprise.


Yeeeeah. Was really hoping the adaptation would be leaning more into immortal dude fighting murderous ghosts and less into the source's apparently love for people sitting around expositing at each other. The second half of the episode was miserable; just a single 12 minute scene of them sitting on the floor having a chat. Law and Order wouldn't have the balls to pull this, and it didn't have a big boobed pop star ghost fighting dismembered teenagers with their jailbait handicapped sidekick, although I would watch a spinoff of that with Jack McCoy as the grumpy mentor character. Anyway, here's about five minutes re-explaining the dude's powers yet again, and five minutes building up to "It's a tulpa." Why are we cool with having giant skeletons wander the city completely unnoticed by everybody, but have to spend a quarter of an episode justifying the existence of a tulpa?

But that also shouldn't take away from the extra dumb flashback from the peanut gallery in the first half either. Yeah, sure, you might think that a dude fighting a crazy ghost is interesting, but how about instead we have a flashback about how the dude got his power of not-dying? You see, he was fed something by a crazy person. Welp, the end. Wasn't that a great –checks time– five goddamned minute flashback interrupting the action. It also shouldn't take away from the weird-ass direction of the fight. Did they really have him speedwalk into a sleeper hold? A little alacrity, sir. It's not like you're in a hurry here.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I suspect the source’s apparently love for people sitting around is why this budget friendly thing got adapted.

    We did get the new information that someone fed him the stuff and there was risk to it but I did not need to know that. In fact I was hoping he was one of those rare characters with agency and has chosen his fate or caused it with his own action.