Darwin’s Game #08 — Twenty Minute Epilogue

February 28th, 2020


Maybe we should zoom in even more dramatically on some eyes.


So… let me get this straight. The event was actually won last week off-screen, but we're hanging around here for a few minutes to deliver a bunch of exposition explaining so the supposed antagonist can make silly faces. This would then be followed up by, and I'll remind you that there are only three episodes to go with this dumb show, a massive gigantic epilogue for the arc where all the girls take a bath and have a sleepover, we check in with the dead plant dude's daughter, and… uh… get some super duper intense closeups of eyes. The first set of eye-close ups were particularly bad, but that could be because one of them was a snake emoji that it kept dramatically zooming further and further in on.

To recap this arc then, our hero beat one minor antagonist by wishing his gun was a little stronger, and… that same antagonist died off-screen trying to kill another minor antagonist? That everyone else doesn't even know exists at all? And… he swam in a sewer? Is that it? Is that all of it? Am I understanding all of this correctly? What a hero.

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