Darwin’s Game #07 — Silly Faces

February 21st, 2020


I have to keep reminding myself that this season is still better than last.


This was another baffling episode. I know I say that a lot, but that doesn't make it any less true, and I feel this is one of those kinds of episodes where all I have to do is summarize to get my point across. It spends the first third on the two tertiary grunts fighting it out for no real reason and with nothing relevant to the plot at stake. Then it perhaps realizes that it's trying to get people to care about two C-Tier antagonists fighting and hastily throws in a long angsty flashback to try to fix the problem before unceremoniously dropping both of them from the rest of the episode with an "Eh, the writers will pick whoever they want to have survived offscreen later." Oh, and did I mention that they set up that fight by having a bunch of randos talking about how there was something super fishy going on with the rings, but they were jumped by the local community college's martial arts team? How do I know that? Because they're dressed in their uniforms and they announced their team name, motivation, and they reviewed what they just did before re-announcing that there was a fight at the hotel. Natural dialogue!

Speaking of idiots though, we get back to the exciting cliffhanger of last week's episode about how our genius deduced the real objective, which was undercut about five seconds into this episode by showing that the place is already swarming with people. She's immediately nabbed and it goes straight for for rape threats against what appears to be a twelve year old while the supposed antagonist for the last month makes silly faces. The rest of the Scooby Gang shows up, and we get a brief exchange of powers before everyone splits up and we end up following the D tier antagonist. You know, the one whose power is "has a gun" and has badly lost every single encounter he's been in so far. He shockingly immediately loses again, more silly faces are made, and the super genius goes on a metaphysical trip to the spirit realm. Then, the show's actual protagonist steps out of the shadows and holds up a locker key in triumph.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • residentgrigo says:

    Is this male “ahegao”, lo.

  • guy says:

    The florist should have just walked out the lobby of the previous episode and dropped the building. But that would make sense.

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    The Florist was a pretty cool dude, RIP.

    But yeah, what the guy above me said.

  • Ark noir says:

    Trump and florist have something in common. They like to call their teenage daughters hot. Not creepy at all ffs.