Darwin’s Game #06 — Behold… Nothing!

February 14th, 2020


Next level comedic delivery.


This was a fantastic episode just because I genuinely laughed at the ending. The ED plays, and I finish sorting caps and start tuning out as it launches into a continuation of the already overly long rules re-explanation from last week. "These seemingly random numbers are actually coordinates leading to where the real objective to the game is!" That alone was bad/dumb enough, but then it delivers the coup de grace. "They're coordinates to… the center of the playing field!" And she looks down at a random sidewalk in triumph, the episode dramatically ending on the insinuation that they've brilliantly discovered nothing in the middle of the place where everybody would be passing by, and this is how awesome they are.

The rest of the episode was the usual anticlimactic nonsense. The ice kid is an overcomplicated mess who makes my brain hurt even trying to explain. She has water powers, her dead brother has ice powers, they share a body, and communicate by phone, except when they communicate verbally, except they can also communicate telepathically, but also they'd rather die than fight, so now they're the team's pet, or maid, I guess. What an arc. Also, the supposed bad guys (who I'm pretty sure have a lower body count than Shuka) attempted to attack the hotel and were all effortlessly wiped out to a man by Plantboy. Note, not through an ambush, trickery, or anything like that. By putting on his plant suit, walking straight up to them, announcing his presence, and then punching them all in the face. These are the antagonists they've spent weeks teasing and are trying to build up to be the boss of this arc. Good lord. Also, Dumbass saved Shuka so they could have a kiss scene and dramatic flashback, both apropos of absolutely nothing.

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