Darwin’s Game #05 — Let’s See What the Rules Say

February 7th, 2020


I can see why they needed a week off to get this episode ready.


It takes a lot of extra animation work to have a bunch of people stand around a table, staring at their phones, and wondering if maybe the arbitrary Calvinball rules might have some kind of twist. The worst part is that they don't even get to what the twist is, and I can almost certainly promise you that it's going to be something stupid, and definitely promise you that it'll be something that makes sure the previous status quo from before this over-long arc is restored. But yeah, let's spend 10 minutes staring at our phones, wondering if there might be some rule lawyering going on with the sociopathic magical murdergame being played for the delight of rich people.

And then there's the girl's side, and yes, I've forgotten her name. I'm not sure I could actually tell you anybody's name in this show for that matter. First, her phone works underground? Man, this is a magical murdergame. Second, the hydrokinetic kid trapped her in a tiny area to drown and then… just left? Even if we say they went to her rescue immediately, that's at least 10 minutes to get there. Third, did the show seriously use her drowning as a tease for the commercial break, then use it again as the cliffhanger to end the episode… after showing he was like 15 feet away about to save her? And she's drowning not because it's completely full of water, but because she got too tired to… not do that? After about 10 minutes? My kingdom for a competent script writer.

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