Toilet Boy Hanako #04 — Guys and Dolls

January 30th, 2020


This episode didn't make much sense either.


Not really thrilled with this one either though, but I think if it actually had a budget or was willing to move forward with the character angles, particularly the romance stuff it's constantly teasing, it would come out only better for it. This one riled my dander by the whole thing being one long exposition dump, and a particularly transparent and banal one at that. Nene gets quite literally thrown headfirst into a diary detailing the antagonist's entire backstory. Then, backstory revealed, the whole thing unceremoniously ends.

I have watched many of the Star Treks, Buffies, Supernaturals, etc, and am fully on board with the supernatural entity who seems murderous and inexplicable, but is then explained by some quick analogy or that makes all of it make sense. The giant space worm that thinks a starship is its mother. The ghost haunting people related in some way to its death. So on and so forth. You tie all the crazy seemingly unrelated stuff up nicely at the end with a simple explanation that draws it all together and all of a sudden it all now makes sense. This was a spirit who befriended a dude who died, and decided to go on an unrelated murder spree at an arbitrary point in time decades later involving dismemberment and dolls because… he used scissors this one time? And we'll forgive her for that because we know what it's like to be lonesome. Excuse me, what? Did we just forgive an attempted mass-murderer because they were mopey? Apparently yes. Nice of that one dude to show up for ten seconds for a second week in a row. Maybe by the time another month goes past, he'll have graduated to being a bit player. 


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