Toilet Boy Hanako #01 — Fish Food

January 11th, 2020


Why would you put strange things in your mouth in the first place?


I should have liked this more than I did. This episode establishes its premise and characters quickly, sets up the conflict(s) for the episode, protagonist learns a valuable lesson about herself through the resolution of it, and the direction going forward is established. Nothing ground breaking, but the bare minimum that plenty of other odd couple shows fail to reach. It also does so with a distinctive artistic style. Regrettably, the animation is incredibly weak, verging on nonexistent for most of it, so the style alone has to do a lot of heavy lifting. Any hope of this having any kind of action or animation flair should be chucked out the window.

What kept it from clicking for me was that the execution itself was pretty wanting. The humor wasn't too shouty, but it was definitely overreliant on "girl makes silly face." Likewise, the dramatic elements to the story didn't flow well. The monster popping out of someone's ass was excessively contrived and unneccessary, while her epiphany speech also came from some kind of rectal extraction technique, made worse by the epiphany being nothing more than a recitation of what he accused her of earlier in the episode. It really should have been hinted at rather than explicitly stated, and triggered indirectly by an observation. Hell, they could've worked the wannabe slaver monster into it since it was ostensibly about pursuing an unhealthy and relationship through manipulation.


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