Plunderer #01 — Rapeville

January 8th, 2020


Nothing quite like twenty minutes of sexual violence.


What in the ever living hell is this show's writing? Let's make a major conceit and leave aside that the main character bounces from one attempted rapist to the next and just focus on the enormous expositional dump to a character who apparently knows literally nothing of the world that she spent however many years of her life in. It's not like she has amnesia or was raised by wolves. Either of those would have made this make at least the tiniest iota of sense. She's been searching for years, traveling all across the world, in complete ignorance of… well, everything. She also carries a priceless treasure that she doesn't know is valuable, yet this is apparently the first time she's shown it to anybody. For hell's sake, it contains an exchange going:
"You are scum! Your number is impossibly low!"
"Sir, wait! He number is less than zero! That's impossibly low!"
"What!? Less than zero!?"

Yes, the shocking realization is that -999 < 0, and it's delivered by about three characters, peanut gallery commentary, and shocked gasps all around.

Where do you even go in talking about a show that just flat out makes zero sense and considers the audience and audience surrogate character to be a blithering imbecile while also moonlighting as rape bait? It doesn't even hold up on the production front either. Fantastic animation wouldn't have salvaged it, but it would have at least shown where the effort had gone since it definitely wasn't into the script. It's just flabbergasting that people were paid to create something as badly written as this, and anime is no stranger to horrible writing.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • nks says:

    Any plans of picking on BB3 ever again?

  • Noname says:

    this was written by the same author of sora no otoshimono, that explains the constant sexual jokes and that the protagonist is a pusillanimous being in constant chibi state

  • jgoi says:

    That explains the goddamn tease. First no bare tits now no panties but “lets keep focusing on her inner thigh because you’re a stupid horny masochist” – the producer of this dreck