Interspecies Reviewers #03 — Swing Out Sister

January 25th, 2020


There's the hyena pseudo penis fun fact I've been waiting for.

Apparently the simulcast version of this episode was exceedingly censored, both visual and audio. Just a heads up, I suppose.


This is a minor thing to get hung up on, but the ending bit where they finally actually engaged in female (or female hyena) sexuality brought the problem with the premise to a head. If you wanted to review a whole species, you'd need more than one representative of it, and when you're reviewing 'being female' as a species, that really brings it to a head. Like, you have a hardcore sadist and a tentacle rapist matched against… I hesitated to call anything in this show normal, so let's go with manual stimulation. And it's all kind of brought down at the end by them going "Wait, he's bi? EWWWWWW. GROSS." And yet, just having characters open to exploring being tentacle raped to experience the other side still might make this one of the more open-minded shows in Japanese media lately, and isn't that a scary thought?

They could've done so much more with gender swapping the cast though, so it still feels pretty disappointing. I can't help but think to Futurama's Neutopia episode, which mocked all the random differences between the sexes and the conceptions they have about each other. We could've done that instead of having a terminology lesson in the middle, or rehashed the "elves are actually super old" joke for the fourth and fifth times and still had plenty of time for all the censored cheesecake shots and moaning at the end.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • gedata says:

    you’ll be seeing that fun fact again pretty soon lmao

  • Delaware says:

    Is it my idea or in this episode were much more explicit? before didn’t show the elf or the other guy in the bed with their girls, but now ok?

  • ark noir says:

    I’ve been watching the censored version of this. ‘Why?’ is the question. uncensored for the win

    That halfling was the star of the show. She don’t play that sh*t. She slapped the human down over age seniority then drilled the other halfling with a mamba.

    The hyena scene was some good ol’ fashion shagging nothing wrong with it.

    P.S I saw that angel’s bulge in ep 1. It consisted of a chipolata and two sprouts.That’s angel’s tater tots ain’t doing no damage to them loose clams in the red light district, I call shenanigans.

  • Oesm9911 says:

    I’d like to think that maybe the whole “HE’S BI?! EWWW” thing is possibly done on purpose to have Crim maybe do some big time rant on wanting to explore trans females, gay males, stuff like that as some sort of epic message on homophobes and transphobes and such.