Have You Seen Our Tama #01 — Why, Huh?

January 10th, 2020


Am I done with the animals as people shows yet?


I'm actually a little mad at this show. Waiha as slang for old slang Hawaii is one of those weird tidbits I picked up working on Daibanchou, so I was already mentally formulating a post to explain what was going on with that last segment, like a whole bit about people searching for/randomly naming a bunch of things Topeka. Then the stupid thing went and gave the explanation itself, robbing me of goddamned anything to say about this episode except that it's a 90% boys version of the other show about anthropomorphic cats being owned by people. These are meant to be actual cats though, not human slaves that happen to have cat ears, which begs a few pretty important questions, but not any that wouldn't also come up with an excessively detailed look at the sapience and self-determination of Hamtaro, so I should probably not delve too deep.

It's not a drama though, and it ain't got anything happening on the comedy front either. It has pointy-chinned boys and they happily mince around without care, conflict, story, development, anything that anybody might call interesting in the slightest. I've watched things like Hidamari Sketch and GJ Club. I've even enjoyed shows like GA Art Design and Mahoraba. Maybe I've gotten old and bitter. Well, I know that I have, but there's more than just that. I couldn't tell you at the end of the episode what the saliant personality traits of the protagonist were. I'm not sure I could even pick him out of a lineup since it's all a bunch of white-haired twinks. What is the point?


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  • NeclordX says:

    Am I done with the animals as people shows yet?
    There is still the porn one with monstergirls