Hatena Illusion #01 — Unrelenting Tantrum

January 9th, 2020


Comedy is dead.

I'll get to at least one more show later this evening, probably the one about the toilet ghost because the other three are two pointy-chinned boy things and an idol thing. Hell, I may put those off until Saturday or Sunday.


I think I was mentally fed up with this show around the time the character gave about a minute long spiel about how the protagonist was so boyish, and did boyish things, and acted boyish, and looked boyish, and spoke boyish, all leading up to the 'comical' reveal that it was a boy. Not necessarily because of that, but it was a particularly bad moment. That was the point where she began throwing a tantrum that he was a boy and it persisted for the rest of the episode. I thought you were a girl despite all evidence, but you're not. Great. Fantastic reason to go into hysterics for multiple weeks apparently. Could have at least bumped the bath scene forward a little to give her maybe some slight actual excuse to be an obnoxious, petty little brat.

And as the titular character, she dominates. The protagonist is a milquetoast everylead whose characteristics are: Doormat, Good at Cleaning, Nice Guy. The little sister, uh… sleeps a lot? The maid is the closest thing to something involving humor. Her schtick is that she wants to see two teenagers have sex. Your magical house can't spring for the internet, lady? There's dozens of teenagers having sex there. Her jokes are things like saying that garbage he accidentally broke was valuable, so now he's in debt. Yes, that's what passes for a joke in this show. Remember that show about slave maids where the slaver was being extorted by one of them, and they also owned a pet alligator who I think also wanted to have sex with all of them? It was terrible too, but I really miss that kind of terrible.


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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Marmot says:

    Can’t someone get that child some pants? Christ.

  • jgoi says:

    I need all of the girls to not wear pants (or skirts, shirts, panties, bras) otherwise my interest is zilch. Doesn’t help I know To Love Ru’s yabuki did the light novel art so I’m not going to stop expecting nude scenes.

  • anise_punter says:

    thanks jgoi knew I recognized this style from somewhere

  • JCAll says:

    I didn’t think anyone remembered “He Is My Master”.