Darwin’s Game #02 — Woe Are My Great Fortunes

January 13th, 2020


Great. A date episode. Wonderful.

Whew. Finally technically done with the premieres, assuming I pointedly ignore ARP and A3, two boy band shows that I'm already confident on saying are dross, and one doesn't even air until tomorrow. And only a few days behind on most. Now to be a couple days behind on the second looks, although I have glanced at a lot of these already, planning to bump them up in the coverage if they gripped me. That they've all ended up bumped off to catchup, you can assume that they did not.


This is the de facto victor of Fridays for the season, but its greatest competition was probably Railgun, a series I've long since given up on. Its competition in new shows were a hodge-podge of awfulness. We'll say the asteroid thing took second place because it couldn't compete with how asinine the fashion thing was, and had less shouting than dog-Nobunaga. Some dumbass series of arbitrary tournaments is fine, especially if they can keep the focus on the fighting, since that's about the only part of these episodes where the protagonist acts with any level of competence rather than complaining about how he keeps succeeding at everything.

This was a poor showing after a flimsy first episode though. The first half especially was a mix of dumb exposition, fanservice, and the protagonist being a miserable piece of absolute garbage. There's actually a point where he lists out how the game has showered him with riches and a naked girlfriend which he follows up with "Damn this game!" At the very least, they could have salvaged him being aghast at being near a naked girl by having her do things to him; genuinely traumatize him. Explore the prostate. Establish dominance. Etc etc. But no. We'll just be going on a date while he gripes about how much it sucks to have super powers, riches, and a slave girlfriend.


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