22/7 #01 — Welcome to the Cult

January 12th, 2020


I would love to find out what the story is behind this thing's script.


I suspect that someone told the head writer that they were doing some kind of horror/thriller show, where an idol group is put into some kind of survival competition affair, beholden to some wall, not entirely dissimilar to Starlit Revue, but with actual stabbing… like Danganronpa. When it turned out that the producers just wanted a run of the mill blowjob-to-the-idol-industry show, the writer got angry and just turned in the script he already had with the stabbing parts cut out. Either that, or they read something on human trafficking and decided "Yeah, that sounds exactly like the idol industry. Let's make it super transparent." It's bizarre, yet also the only potentially interesting thing about the episode.

So we have a bunch of naive teenage girls being dragged into an underground complex where they're told to obey the orders from a wall or they will be removed. It would be completely within character if the episode had ended with Gloomy Giselle knifing one of the other girls and declaring that she would do whatever it takes. Screw them. Screw friendship. Screw being an idol, you stupid brainless twits. I will destroy all of you and dance on your stupid graves. But from the OP and ED, it's just going to be Yay Idols! And much of the show up until they're dragged to the underground complex and told to listen to the wall is exactly the kind of mindless twaddle you'd expect from an idol show, so I'm about 95% certain that she's going to learn that idols and friendship are the true magic, and there will be no knifing whatsoever. I just really, honestly, seriously do not get why they are basing things out of a cult complex and taking orders from a wall.


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    They’re taking orders from an actual idol, get it?

    MC was terrible, the kind of kid who posts how awful life is from their iphone at starbucks. Purple eyed blonde was good but that’s redundant.

  • Anonymous says:

    so this is not a happy sugar life spin off?