Assassin’s Pride #09 — Amnesia Girl

December 5th, 2019


With the power of never having any development ever.


More and more, I'm feeling like I should just go into hibernation for December. I have a hard time even following the chain of logic in this episode, which is also kind of weird because it's an almost cut and paste from Dragon Quest XI by way of Twilight. The dude running the murder cult was secretly working with a spider for the last decade, and Rose was one of his first pseudo-successes. Kufa apparently knew about all this, gave her amnesia, because that shuts down the vampire gene somehow, and upon killing the spider, is just like "Yeah, well, sure you've been running a murder cult, killed at least dozens of innocent people, but here's the impossible drug that nobody thought existed that you need and it solves everything. K, bye." And then re-gives Rose amnesia, but not like the amnesia he said he had to give his now-zero-overtures-made-otherwise child slave wife. Also, the spider had mind-control powers that it was using to make Rose marry some dude because… ?????????? I legitimately could not for the life of you say why.

But none of that was even the worst part of the episode. That special honor goes to when Blondie busted into the wedding and started yelling about how she totally makes out with her teacher all the time and doesn't that make you just so mad because you want to be kissy kissy with him? This was a distraction so she could surreptiously singe a dude's hair where the mind-control spider was hiding. Why not just walk right in and do that in the first place? It's like the episode wasn't anime-cringe enough even after the Twilight scene so they had to ratchet it up to eleven with an eleven year old yelling about her sex life with her teacher.


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  • CatsB says:

    Its one of those shows where you end up at ep 9 and wonder “did anything actually happen in this show?” I mean if I wrote stuff down,things did happen but it sure does not feel like it.

    I think he had her marry some dude so he could breed her for her mana magic(whatever that means.maybe I was not paying attention but I have no idea how mana magic is different from regular magic) and use her descendants as test subjects.

    amnesia as a power seal works “logically” only in cases were power does not give any urges and needs training/conscious effort to be activated. I suspect the only reason we had amnesia in this was A)so Rose can lust for her brother or B)subplot was added in later to removed any hint of a treat kuu ending up with anyone other than Blondie or C)Author wanted more “unconventional” ships

    The reaction to amnesia was gold.”I cant really recall what happened and it turned out my dad was the one behind the sickness he was executing people for. oh well, papa is gone but mama is back so its all good”

    also I suspect no one cares but from what I have noticed all true knights use western attack names, while Blondie uses sensei’s eastern names and moves that i think should not be compatible with the class she is masquerading as.It seems to me that everytime she makes an attack she is proclaiming her secret to the world

    The grooming elements seemed in full force this ep, Kuu’s behavior and way of wording things made it seem like transparent manipulation instead of an earnest plea for aid.