Azur Lane #07 — Also Koihime Rape Dungeons

November 21st, 2019


Yeah, this was, uh, sure an episode. That one girl definitely believed in the power of something and then her eyes glowed.


But anyway, recently the trial for Suzukuri Karin-chan came out, along with a gameplay-focused promo. You know, that Softhouse Chara/Nexton collaboration project that is what you get if you took Koihime Musou's skin and stretched it over a game about being a reluctant serial rapist lizard architect. It seems… okay enough, but as a trial, was kind of crap. The trial's problem is that there's just plain nothing to really do but click "next dungeon please." It loads you up with cash, but lacks the Suzukuri Dragon game-line's wide array of random monsters or rooms to spend it on. The rooms thing I can understand since it's a trial and stripped down, but the monster stuff has been redesigned and simplified so that there's a leader unit which are all story-based recruits, and they get a generic swarm. You don't hire the generic swarms though. They come with the leader, but can be shuffled around later. I'm not clear that either of those will be changing on the full version, which massively limits your dungeon setup options. Simplifying a little is good. I kind of like the leader/sub-unit dynamic, but that falls apart if there effectively aren't meaningful choices to be made and it's just an exercise in how long it takes your patience to run out.

I may write more on it later, particularly its profoundly disturbing eyeless generic characters, I may not. I'm under no misconceptions about my poor track record over the last month.


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