Assassin’s Pride #08 — Getting Hairy

November 28th, 2019


Everybody's getting hirsute up in here.


I've said this already, but this arc is so stupid. I keep coming back to thinking about how much better this show would be if Blondie was actually hyper competent aside from the no-mana nonsense. If she was, they could've had her do some actual investigation, spar with one of the apparently bazillions of white haired vampires running around the city, maybe killed a 'plague' villager or something. I don't know. Bouncing off ideas here. Instead, she played babysitter to the antagonist from the previous arc who wanted to play dressup briefly, and then unceremoniously excused herself from the episode. What was the point of that? The answer I'm sure is nothing more than "we wanted to put her in the fanservicey costume too.

Finally, in the last approximately five minutes of the episode, it meanders its way back to the actual plot by way of having people scream one room over and oops, everybody's covered in ketchup and time to chase people to the caverns of expository reveals. But not this week. No. That's what's going to be great about next week. Everything's revealed now, just not explained. And as we all know, the explanation is the best part.

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