Assassin’s Pride #05 — Welcome to the Harem

November 7th, 2019


This arc was awful.

There's been some technical hiccups with the blog lately. Will get into it over the blinding light of the Azur Lane non-post in a moment.


Let's rewrite the climax scene, shall we?
"You can't beat me. I have the higher power level."
"Yeah? You're also conceited, arrogant, and careless. Me? I'm scrappy, resourceful, and I remember how last week spent half the episode on how this was a team fight, so I'm also a distraction."

Instead, we got something much closer to:
"You can't beat me. I have the higher power level."
"Nuh uh. I do."

That's… pretty close to all that I want to say about Merida and Elise's 'arc' wrapping up this week, if you can even call it an arc. They spent as much effort on developing and then resolving it as they did on the art this week. So many sausage hands and pudding faces. Hell if I know why they involved other characters at all. They all vanished at the start and then I guess some completely random third party won because we skipped past literally all of the fights.

And speaking of skipping past things, what the hell happened with the antagonist? She (apparently it's a she after all) gets yada-yada'ed not just over any fight whatsoever but straight into the dude's harem alongside that other random girl. Even her fire-text gimmick was unceremoniously dropped like they just got sick of dealing with it, and don't people just want a little girl going weak at the knees when Not-Kirito looks at them anyway? Yeah? Well, sure. Whatever. That's what she is now. The best I think anybody can say about these last two episodes is that this particular tournament arc was rushed through at record pace… yet still somehow managed to drag thanks to all the time spent on the goddamned sorting window and character intros for characters who got maybe one line and ten seconds of screentime.

Next Episode:

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