Fairy Gone #13 — Reboot and Rewrite

October 8th, 2019


PA Works, what are you even doing?


Good god. Remember how I used to snidely joke that every episode was split between unrelated flashbacks, unrelated geopolitical rambling by old men, and Victorian era Persona? Well, apparently it decided that it had spent too much time on the second thing, and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on the third thing, so here's an episode that's almost nothing but a flashback. Not just a flashback, but pretty damn close to a total retcon of the setting. You see, it turns out that fairies actually come from just a couple specific villages. Villages that the protagonist grew up in and was the royal fairy guardian heir. Remember how she had no real idea about any fairy stuff back at the start of the show? Guess she was either faking it or a gibbering imbecile. Also, turns out that her entire village was slaughtered by that one dude in front of her face. Seems like that would be relevant at some point, especially as she quibbles and faffs over what Veronica might be thinking or up to.

All I can guess is that PA Works more or less gave up on this show after the first half fell flat. It clearly doesn't have the budget that the first half did, and if they had confidence in the direction the story was going, they wouldn't need to be pulling a huge retcon like this, and especially not one making it so identical to that Sirius werewolf/vampire show they did last year. I seriously wonder if they just grabbed some discarded drafts from that and added even more padding for this episode.


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  • ark noir says:

    I remember when this was about the music and the eye rolling fight scenes and not about this convoluted story line