Azur Lane #04 — Animators Got Drunk

October 24th, 2019


There's about 10 seconds of this episode that are like beer goggles.


I really did mean to post yesterday about Overly Cautious Hero, but the episode was about as bad as the second, and I just walked away from the computer at some point and forgot about it until today. How bad? You know that semi-gag in every monster hunting show ever where a character gets abruptly splashed in the face with holy water under the pretense of possibly being a shapeshifter and they do a little double take? I quickly checked the internet for what this trope might be called and found that Supernatural has an entire wiki page dedicated to it happening. This show's version of that was to slowly pour water on someone's head while the peanut gallery screams an explanation of what he's doing. It tried to make this joke five goddamned times. With a screamed explanation Every. Single. Goddamned. Time. The first time, it worked, and revealed a monster, showing that it's still really not "Overly Cautious Hero" but "Hero Who Is Right All The Time While Everyone Accuses His Appropriate Prudence of Being Unwarranted."

This show, meanwhile, had some boobs today. And a little light pistol fighting, which is way easier to follow than… whatever the hell the action has been in previous episodes. It also had some super funky art and animation around the… uh… tentacle alien ships? Not sure what they were. Wasn't paying close attention. Only 25% confident that if I had been, I would be able to identify them as anything other than "tentacle alien thing with magic cube." Lord knows it not having a focal character to hang the plot on isn't helping either. Weren't we following Enterprise in her efforts to overcome her insecurity? Or the group of disheleved little girls who want to have a picnic or something? Guess not. Whatever.

Still not sure what to do with this season. A couple ideas perhaps for some one-off posts, but things involving me doing things like trying to watch entire seasons of past things I skipped at the time? That's a lot of work. I could rant about all the godawful RPGs I've been trying to get through lately. Vesperia, Lulua, and Indivisible, I'm especially looking at you. You have all been unconscionably bad in ways that boggle my mind, and I had played at least one of you prior, thinking I was prepared for the worst of it. Either my memory was way off, or it found ways to get even worse. I suspect both.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    Enterprise has been pretty dull so far so I’m glad they went away from that for now.

    There are so many little boat girls I honestly lost track of the ones that aren’t holding plush unicorns.

  • igoi says:

    I’m curious about what makes indivisible bad as someone who just wants to see ajna naked.

  • Aroduc says:

    Indivisible is bad for many reasons, but the thing that finally did me in was that after finishing the second act of the game, it boots you back to the very start and goes "Okay, great. Now play through everything from start to finish a second time. We palette swapped the enemies, so have fun." This is after the second act started by supposedly opening up, only to slam whatever door you picked in your face 1/3 of the way through it, force you to manually backtrack out, and go somewhere else.

    I'll also note that upon collecting my second magical spirit ball thing out of three, it said "Congratulations on the third spirit ball, now go to the final area," so it's also still just plain hugely buggy.

  • ark noir says:

    please reviews games especially Indivisible cos i want that for switch. Also you should got back and review some anime, form this season you dropped like fairy gone but do a review per 3 or four episodes so you have something to talk about. Plus there’s psycho piss s3 and the trilogy of films.

  • kenuran says:

    While i would like for you to look at Indivisible, you can always post a couple times a week about some older anime. Not really entire seasons as thats whole lot just for one post but maybe a movie? A short OVA? Or maybe just the first episode of an older TV anime.

    Like you can post about the Mezzo Forte OVA, (the sex scenes are skippable and were only put in as an alternate way to get funding) which is only two episodes.
    The first episode of Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran which is directed by the guy that did Jubei-chan.
    The first episode of Galaxy Angel Rune and compare it to the original Galaxy Angel anime.
    That Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie thats is supposedly rather violent.
    The final episode of season 3 of Rick and Morty since you tapped out right at that episode…

    You can also do a Deep Thoughts entry about how you felt about anime over this past decade since its almost over. Like what do you think about this decades trends in storytelling and production? What do you think about how we have gone from magical girlfriend harems and VN adaptations, to light novels adaptations of magical schools and that short trend of Nobunaga era adaptations, to the bad gacha game and “another world” web novel and LN adaptations that are going on now? What do you hope to see in the next decade? How do you feel about anime now compared to you felt ten years ago? Are you burned out on it? You ever thought about just taking a break from trying to find a batch of seemingly the most interesting or overlooked shows to talk about every week for a season and doing something different?

    Just some ideas…

    • Aroduc says:

      I have ideas too. And then I think to myself “I should just make a post of all them.” Which becomes part of the posting procrastination.

      I will post something along those lines tomorrow though. There’s also been some drama in translation-land that people have prodded me about, even though I have not much new or interesting to say about it.