Assassin’s Pride #04 — Tournaments Within Tournaments

October 31st, 2019


The best part of the episode was how they spelled her name in English multiple different ways.


Christ. No sooner do we finish the opening tournament than we're having a tournament to determine who will be in the next tournament. But first, a tournament! I also feel like I missed something with why everyone is breaking every single rule and has slavish devotion to the white haired girl, who herself has the personality and presence of a sack of potatoes. Her doing that same crap as Granbelm and telling someone else that they suck and are useless and will be taking all the pity on them out of compassion was the closest thing that she has done so far that wasn't staring blankly like a deer in headlights. It was a pretty dumb episode all around, and that's already starting from a baseline of "quite dumb." Half of it was setup about how they're going to be having another tournament and picked teams for it, forgetting a number of things along the way, from picking the other team, to a proper introduction to the rando other team member. Oh, they had a couple girls in the peanut gallery do full volume shouted stage whispers about how she was supposed to be picked by the sorting window, and then… that was it.

The other story significant chunk of the episode was also transparently setup, forgetting that they already did this setup. Here's the new replacement dude who's after Merida, after last week being shown that he's after Merida, he's here to declare that… he'll be after Merida. Then he poofs away. Great job. Very important. Not sure how we could've gone without that. Couldn't the redhead at least jobbed to him or something? Or maybe that other random girl who popped up just to deliver a prosaic "do your best" speech? Maybe at least fight instead of only hopping around. Oh, right. No budget. Alas.

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  • The Phantom says:

    Yea always happens first episode is amazing, but goes downhill from there, this time around we got yet another fucking tournament, right after another one, how dumb is this? Whats next another tournament? Count me out of this series