The Abandoned Sacred Beasts #12 — Super Saiya-Wolf 2

September 16th, 2019


Oh, apparently it's over.


Well, over in the sense that there's no new episode coming for the forseeable future. As far as wrapping up any plot points or character arcs? Nah. None of that whatsoever, unless you count killing the centaur guy as finishing a character arc. I can't help but feel that the end of the show probably caught the staff by surprise too because Cain appears out of absolutely nowhere, offs some randos, Hank pulls some new transformation out of his ass, punches him away, and then we cut to an epilogue that can be aptly summarized as "Remember the status quo from a month ago? We're back to that." What a revolution. They didn't even properly introduce antagonists that were hanging around since practically the first episode, to say nothing of actually using them. The goth-loli thing was still hanging about, teasing her big debut to be coming some day never.

Final Thoughts:

You'd think that themes of losing and regaining one's humanity would be obvious here, but that's way too much depth for this show. It's only interested in banging on its single drum of "monsters bad," even with more than one episode about how it's actually humanity and/or war that's bad. It also had some real problems with its monsters of the week. It especially loved to give the backstory of characters preaching genocide, blithely unaware that the only thing that changed is who they were genociding at. Not so much tragic heroes who became monsters as it is the monsters previously pointed at their enemies now pointed at them. But this went completely unnoticed by the staff. The lack of character growth also hurts. Schaal could (and should) have been the audience surrogate, but she's brainless and useless. Hank's little better, but his backstory of "rarr, kill the monsters" is at least slightly more understandable and he actually acts on it instead of only whimpering on the sidelines. None of the other recurring characters are worth mentioning.

Since Mappa really phoned in the production on this one, I'm not sure what there is to recommend it. Give it a pass unless you've got a thing for large wolves and silly blood fountains.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Catsb says:

    conceptually this show should be interesting but I could not gather the energy to even skim watch it. season 2 is on its way.