Granbelm #12 — “Actually, I’m an Immortal Super Wizard”

September 20th, 2019


That doesn't seem like it follows from the first three months of the character or show.


I wonder if the writers even remember how the show started. Hell, I wonder if they even remember Suishou from an episode or two ago. The playful sadist sitting on the sidelines, egging people on? Pfft. Nah. It's time for her to just spit out her backstory about how she's an immortal super-wizard, also created by the big magic rock, who has been killing everybody for thousands of years and actually hates everything and everybody with a massive inferiority complex because the deus ex castle in the sky hasn't done… again, still not really sure what the end goal here actually is since it's still just "Be the princepts." I wonder if anybody's just tried putting "Hello, I'm the princepts, ask me anything" on a nametag and seeing if that works.

At least it was action packed, so the godawful writing didn't have to do too much work or cause that much damage to all the pew-pewing. The whole deal with Shingetsu pretending to lose was pretty dumb. They could've used that as an impetus for Mangetsu to become more desperate and/or unhinged in protecting her which would have been a far better path than a flashback going "actually, everything is fine and wait until next week for the real final battle" some seven minutes from the end of the episode. Not exactly how you want to build up for even the not-convincing-at-all 'death' of a protagonist. The direction was overwhelmingly more interested in ramping up the sob music and lionizing her selfless self-sacrifice though, which no amount of Jesus Christ Superstar speeches will stop from leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

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  • anise_punter says:

    Suishou’s appeal was that she wasn’t the beady eyed crazy that orange was in the first half of the series, oops