The Abandoned Sacred Beasts #09 — Dog Fight

August 26th, 2019


Did this really need to be a multi-parter?


This has never been one of Mappa's better animated shows, but there was a particularly egregious abuse of stills this week that did an already weak episode no favors. There was just no content here to work with. On the human side, dude got sick and kept talking about how he needs to Do His Best while the womenfolk fawned over him. On the werewolf side, the super subtle black vs white stuff was reduced to a conversational loop of one going "Be like me," while Hank generally just made grunting noises or replayed old flashbacks. Cut the sick twink stuff, only give that speech once, and you're down to about two minutes of episode, so could've begun it from about two minutes from the end of the episode with no loss of information.

On a whim, and because I'm out of things to talk about regarding this episode in particular, I did look up the episode count because it sure doesn't seem like this is approaching anything like a finale. It is indeed supposedly ending in three weeks time with no second cour yet announced, but like its spiritual predecessor last season, Fairy Gone, I doubt I'll continue with it. The writing's gotten worse, the animation's gotten worse. Schaal has not grown into either a capable protagonist nor the heart of the story. Let's just get this over with. And by over with, I mean of course not resolve anything because we still have like four antagonists who have hung around without a proper introduction yet, most of whom are on the other side of the world.


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