Granbelm #09 — Gasp!

August 30th, 2019


I like how a character showed up this week just to gasp about a very straight-line plot twist.


As much as I'd prefer to not dwell on the eleventh hour post-ED reveal that Mangetsu is some flavor of magical golem, half the episode is spent having character faff around about it… and this is after faffing over it for a good chunk of last week's episode too. At that point, it's not so much a reveal as it is massively overdue. It would have had at least a bit more impact had they not spent so much of the last two episodes hyping it up too. Suishou just talking trash about how Mangetsu was nothing and/or a tool into her unceremoniously stabbing her or ripping an arm off, especially without the very silly ED interlude in between the stabbing and magical whatever going on. I feel like it could've also been used by Suishou to force Shingetsu to fight Mangetsu/Kuon, which would have built drama a lot better than most of the cast constantly gasping over the reveal.

The other half of the episode centered on Suishou and Kuon won't win any prizes either though. They could've also used Suishou's manipulation to make Kuon fight the other two until coming to her senses, especially if they were just going to go with the super banal "My sister loves me" realization to fix all the mental trauma. Once again, it's something that the show kind of just declares like that addresses everything. You eating part of my sister's soul was all part of her plan because she loves me, therefore, I win! Aside from Suishou having a second form, obviously. No idea how one thing there led to the next, which leaves it feeling like part of the script simply got lost, undercutting the dramatic impact, but I guess that's what we're going with.

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