Granbelm #08 — Rewriting Reality

August 23rd, 2019


Frankly, I'd rather Suishou dismantle them all at this point.


It's hard to tell what this episode was really going for, and without any action, that left it rather boring without setting up much of anything new, but especially for Shingetsu since her arc is done without actually being any kind of arc at all. Suishou's obviously stepping up into the primary antagonist role for at least whatever the next little arc is, but despite the magical french kiss at the start of the episode, all she really did was hang around and taunt Kuon and Mangetsu with the same things as they've been faffing over for the last month or so. Protip: A touch of ecstasy works better than psychically eating souls for inducing feelings of euphoria. Mangetsu is still a big goober with no idea what she's doing who's inevitably weaving her ways towards the usual prosaic "I care about stuff too!" declaration as her raison d'etre, and Kuon's coma sister is… still in a coma. They could at least be really playing up the inferiority complex with Mangetsu. "I exist and I matter," is a much better rallying cry than nothing at all.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure what to make of the Nene and Anna epilogue half of the episode. There was some kind of super magic shockwave that completely rewrote reality for everyone outside of magicland so that Anna was never a mage, and apparently this is something that's been happening constantly and all the rules that we spent multiple episodes doing nothing but explaining at length are a lie. With the white moon that kept giving people hallucinations, it seemed at the start to be going towards them being trapped in some kind of fake world, presumably created by Suishou, but then the ending cliffhanger really made it seem like it was just some random power level nonsense and that Mangetsu's sister is actually a latent mage too? So… what? The whole technobabble infodump was trying to spin… something… out of… something… and into… something… but I could not for the life of me tell you what any of those three things were supposed to be.

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