The Ones Within #03 — The Thing

July 21st, 2019


I wish there was a monster dog.


If Bem's episode is decent, this may be the last I bother with this show. This episode was just plain dull as hell, and doing its take on The Thing, you'd think coming up with anything at all would be easy, which also makes the Mappa game of "How would you rewrite this to salvage the episode" boringly easy. Frankly, anything besides "I used my stalker powers" would have probably been fine. Hell, even that could have been fine had they pretended that she was the monster attacking them, only to figure out (or not) after she killed the fake what was actually going on. Or play up the horror side a little more and have her legitimately try to kill him for some slight, accidentally revealing the deception. 

But instead, we get this episode. Where they encounter the mimics like… twice, and both times they're obviously fake from the start. We had to make room for an explanation on the concept of poison after all, and that whole bit with the one dude passing out to kick off the episode, which you'd think would have something to do with the episode, but no, it was setup for the cliffhanger for maybe next week's episode, if we're lucky. Cause his impact on and input to this episode was just the usual yelling-as-a-punchline.


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