The Ones Within #02 — Panda Mating Habits

July 14th, 2019


Can't help but think to the Galaxy Angel soap opera episode.

Mainly how that was an actual parody.


I booted the two Sunday idol shows, and couldn't muster up the will to sit through either of the other two episodes of Vinland, so Sundays were down to this and BEM already, and this did not make much of a case for itself. A lot of it was parody-by-just-doing-the-thing-it's-supposedly-parodying, but even that's selling a lot of it a little too high. Don't imagine something weird or you'll get something weird looking and it'll look weird. Half a second passes. You imagined something weird looking and it looks weird! Cue laugh track. Ha. Ha. Ha. Then for god only knows what reason, an insert song kicks in. I assume that was also a parody-by-rote-imitation. 

I think the thing that gets me the most though is that for supposedly being about streamers, it doesn't really seem to actually know anything about streamers at all. Not new for anime, mind you. It always seems to have this weird problem where it's insincerely pretending to know all about fans of something while demonstrating that it has never once interacted with one. In this case, the overlong rant about how all games of the particular genre are sacred, beloved, and every aspect of them taken deadly seriously. Granted, the deadly part was the closest it came to a genuine joke. The rest though? The idea that if you're a huge Stardew Valley streamer, you must insist religiously on no mods, vanilla only, and also think Gym Simulator is sacred? Really, guys? Really?   

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