The Abandoned Sacred Beasts #05 — Justice Through Genocide

July 29th, 2019


It's genuinely possible that Cop Craft had the better written episode this week.


Got some real shades of Dororo's tone-deaf script nonsense this week with the antagonist du jour being obsessed with justice, so he goes around murdering prostitutes and petty thieves. Then they do the flashback of his backstory and it's him talking about how they need to cleanse the world of everyone born south of their border because they're innately evil. And then another flashback about how pissed off he is that the war ended without the ubermensch completing their racial genocide. Yes, yes. Nod, nod. Truly this man was a devout believer in justice and righteousness until his soul was twisted, not a racist genocidal wannabe, which makes all the rest of the quibbling over what a tragedy it is exasperating at best. And it's a mystery who it is… right up until he jumps right out in the middle of the street to punish the crime of apple theft. Yeah, definitely the mythical monster lurking in the shadows that nobody but one kid believes exists. So sneaky.

Then there's the kid. First he complains nobody's listening to him. Then as soon as someone listens to him, he throws a tantrum and runs off. It's thanks to him that they know where to find the dude… aside from the dude telling them where to find him. Okay, fine. He's there to steal Michelle's gun and force her to show up. Whatever. She spent the whole episode doe-eyed fawning over Hank as we continue to pointedly avoid the question of what makes him so much better than all the others… The others that weren't racist genocidal maniacs to start with I mean. *ahem* Time for Michelle to finally contribute something. Wait, nope. Still just a damsel in distress… and now time to go from damsel in distress to a whole episode of her being in distress. Remember the kid? Well, I guess he was kicked all the way out of the episode. I legitimately hope the writers straight up forget about him.

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