The Abandoned Sacred Beasts #03 — Labyrinth Budget

July 15th, 2019


I feel like a minotaur would lack the manual dexterity to pull that off.


Maybe I'll just make a game, or intellectual exercise, out of how one would go about fixing Mappa's scripts each week. This one screamed for the two girls to do goddamned anything. You have a minotaur who built a giant labyrinth, ranting about how he's prepared for anything, and the way he's defeated is… Good Ol' Hank just walks straight in and beats him up. Nothing from the peanut gallery at all. No "I couldn't prepare for another incarnate who was helped by the power of friendship" or anything. Just walked straight up and clawed him in the face.

Simultaneously, Nancy's still being a particularly obnoxious wet towel in between making stupid faces. There's a minotaur literally destroying the city to build himself a nest, constantly screaming paranoid calls to war against an invisible enemy, killing everyone who comes near, but when she protests that they should try talking to him, the comeback is to shuffle their feet awkwardly. You know what would have brought both those things together? If Miss Back-Problems had given Nance the magic bullet and she had been the one to shoot Cow-Boy, choosing to stop him over her revenge. Character development, purpose, choice, agency, action. All the things both of those ninnies lacked. But at least they made time for a close-up of her cleavage with a giant boing sound and a shower scene.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Marmot says:

    The boobs on that lady piss me off so much. It’s the #1 reason I can’t take this manga/anime seriously whatsoever. “I’m going to tell a **serious** story about the horrors of war, death, redemption, and forgiveness…oh and by the way TITS ARE FUNNY!” It’s like someone decided that since the lead girl isn’t conducive to fanservice, they’d better make add a second woman with TWICE the fanservice. Complete with ALL the sex signifiers!

    Corset, check. Chocker, check. Frills, check. Miniskirt with side split, check. Fish netting, check. Thigh highs, check. Lipstick/drawn lips, check. Physics-defying done-up hair, check. Basic anatomy-defying breasts? TRIPLE CHECK.

    Talk about Madonna/Whore complex.