Fire Force #02 — Burnt Out

July 12th, 2019


Boy, this sure went off a cliff fast. I guess all Friday shows decided to have terrible second episodes.


Well, this wasted no time whatsoever in squandering any hope one might have for it. We're hardly thirty seconds into the episode and it's already explaining that the first arc is going to be a random tournament to prove your worth. Then it's up to the roof to have a sparring match to prove your worth, except I guess the animation budget ran out last week so I hope you like quick cuts to stills. After that, it's time to fight a monster who's just sitting there, so another few minutes of everyone standing around explaining how this isn't the boring scene where nothing is happening, but is actually something super dramatic and evidence of how serious and… uh… dramatic the whole thing is. 

If this had been the first episode, I wouldn't even for a second consider sticking around for a second. Just the thought of it going straight to a dumbass Jump tournament arc is filling me with bile, and I'm already pretty bileful to begin with.

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