The Annotated City #11 — Montage!

June 16th, 2019


Because this show has had so many great moments to look back on.


I expect nothing from this show at this point, and boy, does it deliver that. Killing the omnipresent midboss character (well, grievously wounding at any rate) offscreen just cause, and then, right when you think that the parade of all past characters showing up again to help in precisely one way before vanishing again means that it's done sniffing its own farts, the budget apparently ran to totally empty and most of the rest of the episode is spent on recap montages of every single moment in the show that someone overly optimistically thought were emotional. Except anything involving her brother, which seems a suspicious omission. I can only imagine they're saving him up for the big finale next week.

Meanwhile, the antagonist, whose name I haven't bothered to learn, walked into the pit and I guess has some kind of psychic computer power now? It wasn't exactly clear. Pretty similarly, our protagonists also jumped into the pit, and through the magical powers of handholding and the aforementioned deluge of recycled footage, summoned the same dude that they've been summoning since episode one. Step it up already, Yuki, damn it.

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