The Annihilated Storyline #12 — Shot Through the Heart

June 23rd, 2019


I guess I'll turn into a monster now.


Not that I expected this to pull back from the brink of terribleness for a passable episode, but spending most of it in either flashbacks or quite literal walls of text is certainly a way to cap things off. There was even a flashback about how the dude had been shot an episode ago, which I guess triggered his Hulking out, but also not sure if that was relevant at all because then Yuki just picked up a gun and shot him again, and that was that. What a thrilling antagonist. He… shot one laser and I guess kind of gnashed his teeth a bit. He truly did obtain the power of gods and was a foe to overcome.

And then, a long epilogue where I guess everything just goes back to normal. They all lived happily ever after. Uh, okay.

Final Thoughts

The characters never developed, and it was overly in love with its vast conspiracy despite it being something that Skeletor or Dr. Wily would've come up with. Random, completely unimportant characters that weren't even part of the main cast had entire flashback episodes dedicated to their backstory which were mostly banal tripe (the idol episode especially comes to mind). The action also fell off a cliff after the first couple episodes and also never developed past Yuki summoning Akira to immediately defeat or job to the enemy, and job was almost all he did in the second half. 

Give it a wide berth. There's nothing worth seeing here.

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