The Annihilated City #10 — Strange Places

June 9th, 2019


Was there a going out of business sale on miscellaneous backgrounds?


It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who's totally lost the thread of this show. The writers have too. I have no idea what ending it's weaving its way towards because it really doesn't seem to be going towards anything. I suspect in a couple weeks, it's just going to end with a "and the adventure continues," and another episode entirely of them moping around until we get to the end of "Eh, I guess we should probably get back to it" doesn't help matters. I couldn't even tell you what the last thing anybody did that mattered in this show. Even the dude exploding seems to have just engendered multiple episodes of moping around… and that itself was an unrelated tagline to that heist episode where they heisted nothing at all.

The only thing that really happened was the green-haired evil lady spontaneously deciding she'd be the next guinea pig in the super-izing experiments, which was admittedly the highlight of the episode for a few reasons. First, because the crappy animation and emotionless dude gave it a real god-awful B-movie acting quality of it, like she was overacting and overemoting against a cardboard cutout. Second, because she went from "I'll sacrifice myself for your personal glory because my devotion is unwavering" to "What the hell!? Get me out of here, you crazy person!" in about a 15 second span. The real special treat of the episode though was the sheer variety of weird places scenes took place in. Crowded movie theater, laundromat, tomato-filled greenhouse, we got 'em all. Why? No idea whatsoever.

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