Fairy Gone #10 — Wherein Mariya Feels Sorry For Herself

June 9th, 2019


I guess everyone's given up on this season.


I was going to say that this show sure isn't heading towards any kind of ending either. Certainly not anything having to do with Mariya's (non-existent) character arc or personal quest. When even was the last time we saw her friend that was supposedly driving her actions? When was the last time Mariya spared a thought for her? Or for anything at all, for that matter? Okay, so it does have another 12 episodes coming, but they ain't coming next season, so I guess it's just going to hit the pause button in two weeks and call that good enough. Pretty sure I won't be coming back. 

The reason I'm rambling about its existential questions is, like Annihilated City's episode this week, it was about 22 minutes of characters sitting around feeling sorry for themselves. Then the whole band tell Mariya "Don't run away!" and "Friends forever!", that's enough, and it ends with them striding off into the sunrise (very subtle), newly ready to face… not much of anything. I suppose there's a swarm of spider-cars wandering the countryside, and one of the random old dudes was practicing with his magic weapon in his backyard, but that's all you're getting to tempt you to stick around for the thrilling half-season conclusion. Who wouldn't be pumped about that?

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One Lonely Comment

  • Ark noir says:

    Ozz was a side chara, but fair play to him in previous episode for single handedly fighting the bad guys on train by himself whilst team mooks dolid nothing and got slapped up but survived due to being weak and uninjured and ozz got silly death because he tried and got injured.he deserved his mourning.

    My point is there was no need for marlya to go into woe is me mode when the answer is not your a cursed child, its the fact you suck, your team sucked and your friend mugged you off cos you suck and your fairy sucks. The only good moment was free saying to mafia boss he will protect marlya and dramatic music played. I laughed like I have about music placement and choice on this anime from the start.