Fairy Gone #09 — Oh No! Not Baldy!

June 2nd, 2019


Wait, who's Baldy?

Bad Sunday to be a parent in anime.


First, why exactly did ambushing the train require one of them to stand on the tracks and warn the conductor before shooting him in the face? Why was shooting him in the face even needed? Second, it's kind of hilarious that this show's attempt to raise the stakes was to create and immediately kill off not one, but two father figures for Mariya in a five minute span. The first one was especially bad since it came from a completely unrelated flashback dream out of goddamned nowhere. We spend the first 14 minutes of the episode faffing around about magic fairy weapons (by the way, there are magic fairy weapons), and when we finally get to the great train heist, the first thing it does is cut away to precisely one valuable lesson and then burying him.

But then, sixteen or so minutes into the episode, it at least stops totally sucking, but I guess this is going to be the last boss, and someone needs to job to him to build his cred, so literally Some Random Bald Dude steps up to the plate. With a cry of "I'll be your Krillin!" he succeeds only at being completely useless and then dies not just once, but they bring him back after the ED plays to flashback to him getting a broadsword through the spinal column a second time, so they can show how he hung on bravely only to die in Mariya's arms a few hours later. I'm not even sure this dude appeared at all prior to this episode. Hell, I'm not even sure he cracked double digit lines or had over three minutes of screentime, and almost all of them were wringing out his death scenes. Nobody's going to go super saiyan from this, guys. At least, good lord, I hope not.  

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