The Annihilated City #08 — Now You See Me

May 26th, 2019


Only without the prestige.


At least when a show goes totally off the rails, it gives me something to talk about. Unfortunately, the weird livestreaming of breaking into The Organization, or whatever the hell they're called, was not the part where it was off the rails. That was actually surprisingly tedious. Hell, when the thugs broke in, we cut away, just to return to it approximately 15 seconds later to show that it had all been summarily taken care of without incident or issue. But Geek got to wear his silly mustache, so I guess Mission Accomplished.

No, I'm talking about the turn we took at about 14 minutes into the episode where it decided to go all Akira on us. You know where this might've worked? At the end of two episodes ago after the big fight thing when they blew up all his little relics. It would've actually been an escalation of the 'action' bit, not some dude spontaneously hulking out into a monstrosity, totally unconnected to the rest of the episode. They hugged it out, of course, and even had a (silent) Vader "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" I can only assume the VA's pipes weren't up to screaming. Also, apparently the persona guy who was 'killed' before is totally fine again? Can't remember if we already knew that. Not sure I actually know any of the rules for the personas anymore. Kind of in the mood for a mimosa. Would probably help my comprehension of this show at this point.

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