The Annihilated City #07 — Subtle Baby Bird Metaphors

May 19th, 2019


Welcome to the content-less whole episode flashback.


What a tedious episode, especially coming on the heels of what was pretty damn close to a filler arc the way it jettisoned damn near all of the characters it brought on and focused on for two weeks and how the ones it is keeping around spent the whole thing either in a coma or just staring gormlessly. It was essentially about 18 minutes of flashback. Not even a flashback into anything interesting. Just about how Takuya had a not-quite-girlfriend and has regrets about it. Worse, two different, unrelated flavors of flashback. It was clearly meant to be Takuya's Tragic Backstory™, but disconnected from anything and even past Takuya did nothing but gape like a goddamn fish. New rule, Japan. Characters have to have more impact on events that are designed to flesh them out than a goddamned magikarp.

I suppose it compares favorably to the last time they got sucked into a random flashback to the pre-explode city, but that's only because it was a totally unrelated spat in an idol group about not taking practicing seriously enough, so the bar was about as low as you can get. Everyone just stared like giant lumps as they patiently waited for it to finish playing out, for everyone to turn back into sparklies and the sad music to kick in and a repeat of the platitudes about carrying on. 

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  • ark noir says:

    how can the anime come this far into its running and not be clear on what the persona’s are? its easy to figure out , but the cast seem to think their acquaintances are floating in the air doing nothing or rarely flinging projectiles because they are just ‘lost’ for directions?