The Annihilated City #06 — Pew Pew

May 12th, 2019


What a fight.


This definitely didn't need to be a two parter, but I guess that's what happens when you have about 10 minutes worth of dumbass flashbacks, and want to go over half of them twice. Just summarizing this episode, and about 90% of the present day action is two dudes standing still, pew pewing at each other. Akira and Souma pew pew at each other, both while standing (floating) motionless until magic rock 1 is destroyed. Then he hauls out magic rock 2, summons the flashback guy, who pew pews Akira to 'death,' but can't bring himself to pew pew his flashback buddy, letting them pop magic rock 2. Then hugs. The end.

But at least we knew that the stage magicians who consumed this arc are dicks who pull rubber knives on drunks in arcades. Actually, I have a lot of questions about that, and despite it being a flashback, I feel like arcade drunk probably had more of a story to tell than two dudes floating motionlessly while pewpewing at random.


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