The Annihilated City #05 — Street Magic

May 5th, 2019


Did they make a bunch of pages from the script disappear?


What a bizarre episode. In its boring expository phase, it casually tosses out about a half dozen notes of total lunacy. First, that magic artifacts exist that do various unspecified magical things, and also, that random people can just straight up do magic. Since we already have psychics running around, I suppose it's not that much of a stretch, but we did just rewrite the rules of reality here. So much for the super special main character actually being special. After that, we have not just that there's a band of corny street magician serial thieves running around in costumes planning on a heist to steal one of these magical artifacts, but it's not even the first time anybody's had run-ins with them. 

So since we introduced a band of street magicians who are also actual magicians, they're doing some kind of heist thing, right? Maybe a Lupin homage? Nah. They spend most of the time in flashbacks about how the one dude caaaares so much about it. The heist? They just teleport in… after the antagonist had already teleported in and taken the thingy. The street hucksters were still all hanging out on the roof where they're ambushed. And keeping with our teleportion, the good guys just *pop* appear right up there next to them, which is where things end. So… why'd we even have this corny group of costumed magicians at all?

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