Fairy Gone #08 — Heroic Inactivity

May 26th, 2019


Sure are masters of their fate up in here.

I was lazy this week. Well, lazy blog-wise at any rate. Not sure where Annihilated City is. It's once again MIA. I have some errands to run shortly, so it may be an hour or two even if it pops up soon, which it should on the English 'simulcast' if nothing else.


Man, this show hasn't so much fallen into a rut as it has plunged into a chasm. No long flashbacks this week, I suppose, but good god, there wasn't anything else at all. The fairies are now just widgets summoned to make them immune to bullets, so that's most of the premise of the show cast aside. So it's all in on the political wrangling, which has not gotten any more interesting or relevant to goddamned anything. Let's go back to the godawful lunatic opera villains, please. At least they had some style.

Meanwhile, the protagonists' role in thwarting the assassination was… nothing. They did nothing. Absolutely nothing. They stared like potatoes as Sweetie ran off. They brainlessly stood there for the rest of the episode. The only dude who did anything was literally some random dude, and "did anything" is giving him a tremendous amount of credit for showing up late to clue people in that the dude standing off by himself blowing an assassination whistle was an attempted assassin. So what did they fill the time with? How did they build tension? Well, we got to listen to the quite literally rando assassin dude recounting his lifestory and motivations in his head.

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