Fairy Gone #06 — Holding Pattern

May 12th, 2019


Were the CGI people off this week? Is that why there were no fairies?


Astonishingly, this may have been more boring than the pew pew episode. I suppose it breaks its formula, but it does so by eschewing having any real action. Mariya and Clara smacked a couple thugs with handy nearby chairs, but that was pretty much it. Maybe it needs to keep a balance; for every thirty seconds of action, there needs to be at least two minutes of flashback. It's really weird too, because they do this big train ride (with unrelated backstory flashbacks), then the music kicks in when they catch sight of the guy… and then they just literally appear out of nowhere behind him and it's over. That was the climax of the episode? Really?

Was this supposed to be a setup for something? If so, what? Someone explain to me what this episode even was. If it was supposed to be focused on Clara and her backstory, then why was she such a total nonentity in it? Was it supposed to advance the plot? Was one of the approximately fifteen random dudes that popped up with namecards supposed to be important? Was this supposed to have advanced (or rather, introduced) some overarching plot element?


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